Marquee, (frame type) 4m x 4m Black, Erected and Dismantled*



4m x 4m doesn’t sound much bigger than the usual 3m x 3m, but it actually is. A 3m x 3m marquee will cover 9sqm where a 4m x 4m provides 16sqm of cover.

We have 2 of these structures that can be coupled together providing a 32sqm cover, plus we can also couple these with our White 4m x 8m, that’s 64sqm of protection from the elements. Great if you are having a black an white theme.

The Black PVC cover actually feels cooler due to it being thicker than most fabrics used on structures in this size range.

(delivery and pick up P.O.A.). Can be erected on concrete etc.. with weights (weights p.o.a. 4m x 4m). Walls are available @ $12.50ea.